Red Lobster Coupons 2012

Getting the latest Red Lobster Coupon in 2012 is pretty easy these days.

Easy not because it can be found anywhere. Easy because if you know where to look you will get genuine coupons that will never be turned down.

Fresh Catch Club

Once you are a member of Red Lobster’s Fresh Catch Club you get emailed the latest coupons and special offers regularly.

The Fresh Catch Club is Red Lobster’s online club for seafood lovers and fans of the restaurant.

Club members get emailed coupons regularly, on a monthly basis!

If you are already a member of the club you should have gotten the latest $4 off any 2 adult dinner entrees and $3 off any 2 adult lunch entrees coupon combo by now.

Members also enjoy a free birthday treat, as coupons are sent out to them on their birthdays to have a special treat on the house.

Facebook Fanpage

Another way to get the latest coupons is via the “official Red Lobster fanpage”, please note the word “official”. There are many fanpages out there but only one is the official one put up by Red Lobster management.

On this fanpage, there are regular updates and draws available for fans to get the best of the Red Lobster experience.

Every now and then they also give out coupons like the $5 off any 2 adult entrees coupon that was made available to anyone who “liked” the page.

The Facebook Fanpage is located HERE!!!!

The 2 above stated methods are the best and most reliable ways to get genuine Red Lobster Coupons in 2012 without stress.




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