Red Lobster Locations – Finding Them Easily

Easily Finding Different Red Lobster Locations 

Red Lobster has more than 700 branches in four countries. Since 1968, the popular seafood restaurant chain continues to expand as they gain more loyal customers in each branch. The continuously expandingRed Lobster locations assures their loyal customers that there is a nearby branch of Red Lobster ready to cater to their needs.

Finding the nearest Red Lobster locations is very easy with the help of the internet. The official website of the popular restaurant chain allows customers to find out the nearestRed Lobster locations by simply providing their zip code. Using the zip code, city or state to find the nearest branch of a popular restaurant is a popular practice among restaurants. Searching for the nearestJoe’s Crab Shack locations, Olive Garden locations, TGI Fridays locations and Ruby Tuesday locations have become simpler because through their official website.

The advantage of finding the nearest Red Lobster locations is not only on learning which branch is nearest to your home. The restaurants official website also provides additional information on a branch. You can actually know the exactRed Lobster menu in a specific branch. This is the reason why you need to enter your zip code, city and state first before you can learn more about the restaurant’s menu. Some branches of Red Lobster actually do not serve some of the entrees because of limited accessibility to some fresh products and ingredients.

Customers can also learn more about the validity of the Red Lobster coupons by searching the nearest location of the restaurant. Some branches of Red Lobster do not participate in some promotions. By learning the actual menu and contact information of the restaurant, customers can call the nearest branch of Red Lobster and ask them if they accept a specific type of coupon. It’s a highly recommended practice to prevent misunderstanding and confusion.

To find the location of a Red Lobster Restaurant near you, Visit http://www.redlobster.com/

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Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club Coupons And Special Offers

Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club Coupons And Special Offers

Almost every restaurant has an online club where their loyal customers receive the latest news and updates about their favorite restaurant. For Red Lobster, their online club “Fresh Catch Club” also ensures that their loyal customers are constantly updated with the latest promotions, news and special offers from the restaurant.

Members of the Fresh Catch Club will always get the latest news about Red Lobster and the news are not only limited on the latest entrees from Red Lobster. Discounts exclusively for members of the online club are one of the best benefits of the “Fresh Catch Club”.

Signing-up for the Fresh Catch Club is very easy. Customers simply visit the official website of Red Lobster and look for the URL or link where they can enter their personal information including their email address and birthday. The email address, location and birthday are very important information since Red Lobster sends out promotions qualified customers bed on their location. The correct email address is, of course, very important because information will be sent online.

Birthdays are very important information for Red Lobster. Members of the Fresh Catch Club will receive coupons for a special gift for their birthday when they dine in their favorite seafood restaurant.

Another advantage for the members of the Fresh Catch Club is exclusive access to the latest printable red lobster coupons. Finding discount printable coupons for Red Lobster can be challenging. However, members of the Fresh Catch Club don’t have to look for the coupon that they can use in their next visit to Red Lobster because it’s sent to their email as soon as they become available.

Everyone should join the Fresh Catch Club. It’s a free online membership club for customers who want to enjoy some of the best seafood entrees with significant discount from Red Lobster. The club is also the best source of additional freebies, birthday gifts and printable coupons.

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Latest Red Lobster Coupons And Offers

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Red Lobster Crabfest Specials – Get Special Crap Entrees For Less Than $20 [No Coupon Needed]

Red Lobster Crabfest Specials – Get Special Crap Entrees For Less Than $20

Red Lobster started their latest Crabfest celebration on July 26 2011.

It is still on presently and the cool thing about the crabfest is that you get their entrees for less than $20.

Items On The Crab fest Menu Include

Snow Crab & Crab Buttered Shrimp – $14.99

Snow Crab and Roasted Garlic Seafood Bake – $19.99

Snow Crab and  Peppercorn Sirloin – $17.99.

And lots more. Visit the Red Lobster official site for more info, CLICK HERE!

NOTE: You don’t need Red Lobster Coupons for this offer


Red Lobster Coupons Printable 2011 – $4 Off Any 2 Adult Dinner Entrees, $3 Off Any 2 Adult Lunch Entrees

Red Lobster Coupons Printable 2011 – $4 Off Any 2 Adult Dinner Entrees, $3 Off Any 2 Adult Lunch Entrees

Red Lobster Restaurant is offering you another nice opportunity to save some money when you visit your favorite Red Lobster location in your area.

The latest Red Lobster Coupons are the $4 Off Any 2 Adult Dinner Entrees and $3 Off Any 2 Adult Lunch Entrees

These currently knocks off $4 off any 2 adult dinner entrees and $3 off any 2 adult lunch entrees.

Validity: The Coupon Expire September 27 2011

Red Lobster Printable Coupons - $4 Off Any Adult Dinner Entrees, $3 Off Any 2 Adult Lunch Entrees




Red Lobster Restaurant Menu And Coupons

Red Lobster Restaurant Menu And Coupons

Red Lobster is one of the most popular restaurant chains in North America. Their expertise in serving fresh seafood has made them a very popular restaurant for families and friends. They currently have more than 700 branches in four countries (USA, Canada, UAE as well as Japan).

The restaurant chain achieved its popularity by focusing in mid-level entrees which is especially geared for families and young professionals. Complementing the sumptuous seafood flavor are different types of entrees focusing on meat, vegetables as well as wide variety of drinks, salad and soups.

The History of Red Lobster

The first Red Lobster Restaurant opened is doors in 1968 in Lakeland, Florida. Bill Draden, one of the restaurant founders have been in the restaurant business for many years and his input made the restaurant a big hit in the area. After only two years, Red Lobster Restaurant already has five branches and became part of General Mills. Expansion was slow during the 70s but the restaurant chain exponentially expanded their operations during the 80s. By 1985, the restaurant became part of Draden Restaurants who took care of the restaurants expansion not only in USA but also in other countries.

Red Lobster Menu

As the name of the restaurant suggests, Red Lobster’s expertise is on seafood. They often serve entrees based on snow crabs, shrimps, scallops and lobsters. Many of the popular entrees of Red Lobster serve a combination of seafood where customers get to enjoy a combination snow crab legs, shrimp and scallops.

Aside from crustaceans, Red Lobster also serves different types of entrees based on fish such as salmon combined with shrimp. In some locations, sirloin is also available and complemented with different types of seafood. Meat-based entrees are often prepared with seafood through wood grills.

Learning More About Red Lobster in their Official Website

Customers can learn more about Red Lobster through their official website. From the basic history of the restaurant to the unique menu of each location, customers can easily learn about the restaurant and the available entrees in the nearest Red Lobster branch.

But the most impressive feature of Red Lobster’s official website is their “recipes and tips”. If you’re looking to recreate some of the most popular entrees of Red Lobster at home, simply read the recipe list in their official website where you can learn the step-by-step process. The official website is also the best source of information regarding the ingredients of each entrée.

Discounts through Red Lobster Coupons

Customers can easily enjoy discounts in Red Lobster through coupons. Websites that specialize in coupons often post the latest promotions from Red Lobster so that customers can instantly enjoy discounts in select entrees. While finding these coupons in 3rd party websites are easy, customers are advised to call the nearest restaurant for verification.

Another source of coupons from Red Lobster is through their “Fresh Catch Club”. Everyone who signs up for the club will receive the latest promotions of Red Lobster including coupons good for discounts in select entrees. The online club also sends out news, tips and recipes on how to prepare specific entrees from Red Lobster.

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Red Lobster Menu – Enjoying the Best Meals from Red Lobster Menu

Enjoying the Best Meals from Red Lobster Menu 

A sumptuous dining experience in Red Lobster is almost an assurance because of the wide variety of entrees. The Red Lobster menu is more than just seafood with exquisite crustacean flavor. All Red Lobster locations ensure that their customers get what they want which means their entrees are not just products from the sea. From the Red Lobster lunch menu to Lighthouse entrees, the restaurant always brings out the best of every meal because of the wide variety of choices with careful preparation.

The Red Lobster Specials 

Every restaurant has a collection of special entrees in their menu. The Outback menu, Chilis menu, Applebees menu and Olive Garden menu feature something special for their customers to enjoy. These entrees are often the most popular in any branch and the restaurant highlight these entrees since they know they can easily whet the appetite of their customers through these meals.

For Red Lobster, their special entrees always revolve around crustaceans. Their “Crabfest” special allow customers to enjoy different entrees with snow crabs – all for under $20.00.

A good example of their popular entrée in their special is the “Snow Crab and Roasted Garlic Seafood Bake” for only $19.99. 1 pound of snow crab legs, shrimp and scallops roasted to perfection in garlic and white wine. The sweet corn and red potatoes perfectly complement the delightful seafood flavor.

Signature Combinations 

Aside from the Red Lobster specials, entrees from the Signature Combinations are also a must for anyone interested to try out the best of Red Lobster. The “Ultimate Feast” features three different types of seafood: Maine lobster, snow crabs and shrimp. The generous servings of the Signature Combinations have made it a very popular entrée among the loyal customers of Red Lobster. Another entrée from the Signature Combinations is the Admirals Feast featuring deep fried shrimp, bay scallops and clam strips.

Light Meal with Heavy Flavor

Meals featuring the best of Red Lobster nutrition are also available in every branch of the popular restaurant chain. Customers can order specific entrees that will help them limit their calorie intake without sacrificing the flavor. A good example of the lighthouse meal is their Rock Lobster entrée which only comes with 90 calories, one gram of fat with zero carbohydrates. Their salmon only has 270 calories, nine grams of fat and six grams of carbohydrates. Side dishes, dipping and sauces also have individual data in every menu list Red Lobsters.

Enjoying the Meal with Red Lobster Coupons

While the prices of many entrees in Red Lobster are already competitive, the restaurant still offers significant discounts to attract new customers and reward their loyal patrons. The Red Lobster coupons help customers enjoy significant discount in their meals. Coupons are available through their online “Fresh Catch Club” where customers receive the latest promotions including the latest coupons applicable in most branches of Red Lobster.

The variety of entrees from Red Lobster can easily take care anyone’s craving for a great meal. From fresh seafood flavors to exquisite cuisine featuring different type of meat, customers will always have something to enjoy in Red Lobster.

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